Bristol County, Rhode Island Employment Lawyer

Those facing issues involving employment law should not proceed without first retaining the services of a seasoned Bristol County, Rhode Island employment lawyer who has over three decades of successful experience fighting for clients like you. For more information on the employment law process in Rhode Island and how our legal team can help you, contact Herman Law Group today.

Employment Lawyer Serving Clients in Bristol County, Rhode Island

Our Bristol County, Rhode Island employment lawyer is passionate, knowledgeable and a fierce advocate who keeps clients informed at every step of the process while also guiding them through difficult and emotional experiences. The Herman Law Group has stood up to corporations, supported workers and protected whistleblowers while pursuing the results you deserve and need to move forward, whether that includes fair working conditions, large monetary awards or favorably negotiated employment agreements.

Our Legal Services

The Herman Law Group proudly represents both employees and employers, allowing our Bristol County, Rhode Island employment lawyer to effectively attain successful results for our clients. Our legal team has gone toe to toe with state and federal government agencies, national energy companies, government contractors, airlines, nursing home operators and directors, long-term care facilities, car dealerships and more. In light of that experience, we have what it takes to represent clients in the following areas:

Why Should You Choose the Herman Law Group?

The Herman Law Group knows that every case is different and every client’s situation is unique. Our legal team takes the time to create an individualized strategy in pursuance of the most effective outcome. Over the decades our legal team has been in operation, we have secured millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of our clients. Our Rhode Island employment lawyer eagerly awaits the opportunity to apply that same experience for you. Personal and company information is not required for a consultation and we never share your information.

Contact a Rhode Island Employment Lawyer

If an employer has wronged you, you need a tenacious attorney who realizes how much you have at stake. Our firm proudly serves clients throughout the state of Rhode Island and in practically every facet of employment law, and we will gladly serve you, too. Contact Herman Law Group today to schedule your initial consultation with our competent and dedicated legal team.

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