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Were you discriminated against in the workplace because of your gender or pregnancy? If so, our legal team is on your side. Contact a seasoned Providence, Rhode Island sex discrimination lawyer from Herman Law Group to learn more about whether you have a valid case against your employer.

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Under federal and state laws, employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender. For example, employers may not discriminate in decision making, including decisions regarding recruiting, hiring, job assignments, termination of employment, advancement, transfer, pay, benefits, and all other terms and conditions of one’s employment.

The laws protect women and men from sex or gender-based discrimination. The laws against sex or gender discrimination also include sexual harassment, equal pay, and pregnancy discrimination. If you believe you were discriminated against in some way due to your gender, you can turn to a competent and aggressive Providence, Rhode Island employment discrimination lawyer from our firm to fight for you.

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination. Under federal and state laws, employers are prohibited from discriminating against women on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

Employers may not discriminate in hiring, provision of leave, benefits, or other conditions of employment. Pregnant employees must be treated the same as other workers.

Your Rights Under the Family Medical Leave Act

You should also understand that in many cases, pregnant women are also afforded certain rights in the workplace under the Family Medical Leave Act. The Act states that companies with at least 50 employees are required to follow the FMLA if their employee has been working there for at least 12 months and has a qualifying FMLA condition.

Being pregnant is covered under the FMLA. This means that as long as you meet the aforementioned qualifications, you should be allowed to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, which you can use to spend with your child during their first few months. It is unlawful for an employer to give a job away during this period; if you return and you are demoted or your position has been filled by someone else, you should have a valid claim.

Filing a Discrimination Claim

If you believe you were unfairly discriminated against in the workplace, you and your sex discrimination lawyer can file a discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Keep in mind that you must do so within 180 days of the discriminatory incident occurring. Waiting any longer than that will most likely bar you from filing your claim. Our firm is here to help.

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Those discriminated against due to their gender or any other protected characteristic can turn to Herman Law Group to fight for the full and fair compensation to which they are entitled. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our dedicated legal team.

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