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Workplace discrimination is something that, unfortunately, is still prevalent in our society. If you’ve been discriminated against because of your race, you should speak with an experienced Providence, Rhode Island race discrimination lawyer as soon as you can. Contact Herman Law Group today so we can get started building your case.

Race Discrimination Lawyer| Serving Clients in Providence, Rhode Island

There are few things more insulting than being discriminated against because of your race. Our firm understands this, and you have our pledge to be your staunch advocate through every step of the discrimination claims process. You can depend on us. Speak with a Providence, Rhode Island employment discrimination lawyer from our firm so we can get started working on your case.

Protection Under the Law

Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act and various state laws including the Rhode Island Fair Employment Practices Act and the Massachusetts Fair Employment Practices Act prohibit an employer from discriminating against an employee or job applicant on the basis of race, color, national origin, or religion.

This means that an employer cannot discriminate against any employee on the basis of a protected class, such as race. Employers are prohibited from taking the following actions:

  • Refusing to hire someone on the basis of their race
  • Firing someone from their job because of their race
  • Holding out on benefits or otherwise violating employment terms on the basis of race
  • Printing, circulating, or using any discriminatory material (e.g. ads, publications, statements, application forms, etc.)

What Constitutes Discrimination?

Employers are prohibited from making employment decisions based upon stereotypes or assumptions about a person’s race, color, national origin or religion, this includes assumptions based on accent or language.

It is also illegal for an employer to implement employment practices that negatively affect a certain racial, national origin, or religious group.

Retaliation is Illegal

It is unlawful to retaliate against an employee for asserting their rights under state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, national origin, and religious discrimination. If your rights have been violated or you’re experiencing retaliation from your employer, we can help. Personal and company information is NOT required for a consultation and we never share your information.

Contact a Race Discrimination Lawyer

The bottom line is that racial discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable, and if you are a victim of workplace discrimination, our firm is here to fight for your rights. Contact Herman Law Group today to schedule your initial consultation.

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