Success Stories


False Claims Act Violation

The case was brought against a government services company that was submitting false claims to Medicaid.


Whistleblower Claim

$2.5M settlement for alleged Medicare fraud against nursing home operator and director.


Whistleblower Claim

$2.2M recovery against long-term care facility due to fraudulent Medicare billing.



$1M settlement in gender & age discrimination & retaliation against government contractor.



$375K settlement in a disability discrimination and retaliation case against a state agency.


Unpaid Overtime

$300K settlement from national energy company for unpaid overtime.



$280K settlement in gender, age, & disability discrimination against car dealership.



Unpaid Overtime

$240K settlement misclassification & unpaid overtime.



Sexual Harassment

$230K settlement in sexual harassment and retaliation against an airline.

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