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By Louise Herman

When faced with an employment-related issue, the most important thing anyone can do is retain the services of a competent Providence County, Rhode Island employment lawyer who can protect their best interests. With your career and future on the line, hiring the right attorney is paramount. For this reason, you should ask yourself several questions before going ahead and hiring one. Please continue reading and reach out to our legal team to learn more.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Employment Attorney

Just some of the most important questions you should ask before hiring an attorney to handle your legal matter are as follows:

Is the attorney knowledgeable in the field of employment law?

Of course, first and foremost, your attorney must have experience in the field and be capable of answering basic questions about your case. If your attorney can’t answer your questions concerning whether you may have a case, potential strategies for your case, or otherwise, they may not be the right attorney for you.

Does the attorney exclusively handle cases in the field of employment law?

Many attorneys dabble in various fields of law. However, here at Herman Law Group, we exclusively handle cases involving employment law, so you know when you hire us, you’re getting a firm that specializes in the field.

Does the attorney make me feel comfortable?

An attorney-client relationship, or any positive relationship for that matter, is founded on trust. If you do not feel comfortable around your attorney, or you don’t trust that your attorney is going to best represent you, you may want to look elsewhere. Our firm’s job is to efficiently and effectively handle your case, all while keeping you informed and remaining available to answer any questions you may have. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

How is the attorney rated on Google?

Just as you wouldn’t go out to eat or hire a plumber without first reading their reviews, you shouldn’t hire an attorney without reading their reviews as well. Herman Law Group has nearly all 5-star reviews on Google, a testament to our dedication to our clients’ well-being.

If you need an employment lawyer you can trust, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’re happy to listen to your story and answer each of your questions concerning your case.


If you need help with an employment law matter in the Providence County, Rhode Island area, you can count on Herman Law Group to represent your best interests. To discuss your matter, please contact our firm today.

About the Author
At Herman Law Group, our focus is on safeguarding the rights and careers of employees and businesses alike. With over 35 years of successful legal practice, Louise A. Herman brings an invaluable dual perspective from representing both employees and employers. This unique insight allows us to effectively achieve successful outcomes for our clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and nationwide.