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Should your past salary dictate your new salary?

At some point in a job search process, your potential employer might put you in a tight spot by inquiring about your past salary. This question can be very harrowing, especially if you were hoping for a significant pay increase with your new position.  Additionally, the question might not seem to make sense if the new position would have different responsibilities, or is in a different industry than your current job. Employers who base a new employee’s salary on their past salary could also unwittingly perpetuate a gender pay gap.

Blowing The Whistle On Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid is a taxpayer-supported federal program that enables low-earning Americans to obtain health coverage. Therefore, when a healthcare provider or insurer manipulates the admittedly complicated system to reap financial benefit, taxpayers take the hit. It is essential to stay on top of this kind of illegal activity and to protect those whistleblowers who have the morality and courage to step forward.


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