Staying Under The Radar

One of the biggest fears people have about coming forward to report fraud or unethical behavior is the fear of being discovered. While there are certain protections against retaliation against whistleblowers, most people who reveal this kind of information would prefer that nobody found out who was behind the disclosure in the first place. If you're still working at the place where the violation was or is taking place, having everybody find out that you're the whistleblower can be profoundly stressful and isolating. Even those who have moved on to different employment can still face blacklisting and social difficulties among current and former colleagues in the wake of such a disclosure.

You deserve respect and protection for your willingness to come forward.

At the Law Offices of Louise A. Herman, we respect how vitally important it is to protect your confidentiality as you come forward with important information. Our Rhode Island law firm is committed to protecting your privacy to the fullest possible extent. And if your identity is discovered, we provide determined and vigorous representation from an experienced attorney to protect you from termination, blacklisting, demotion or other forms of retaliation.

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