What To Do When You Feel Powerless

Enduring sexual harassment in the workplace can make you feel like you're all alone with nowhere to go. But nobody should have to experience this kind of treatment in the workplace, and there are steps you can take to reclaim your power and your rights to be treated with dignity and respect if you find yourself in this situation. One of the things you can do is consult with an experienced attorney who understands the dynamics of sexual harassment and can empathize with what you're going through. Some people who experience sexual harassment find it's easier to talk about it with a woman. At the Law Offices of Louise A. Herman in Rhode Island, we are ready to listen to your story with compassion and respond strongly to protect your rights in the workplace.

Start With Reporting

Reporting the harassment is the first step. Aside from directly letting the person doing the harassing that you find their behavior offensive, reporting to management or your direct supervisor can sometimes stop the harassment. This is more likely to help in cases where the offending party may not have realized that their behavior was inappropriate. But in cases where your direct supervisor may be the offending party, or cases in which the entire workplace comprises a hostile work environment, reporting internally may be more difficult. Consult your company's sexual harassment reporting procedures and document every instance of harassment that occurs.

What If Internal Reporting Doesn't Work?

In the case where tackling a harassment issue within the walls of your workplace is ineffective, impractical or backfires, you can contact a government agency like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or your state's civil or human rights agency. If they cannot resolve the issue themselves, they will issue you a "right to sue" letter which you can use as grounds for seeking independent legal representation.

Call Us When You've Had Enough

Nobody deserves to be harassed on the job. When you're ready to talk to a lawyer about inappropriate treatment in the workplace, call our Providence law firm for a free initial consultation at 401-400-3839 or send us an email.