Experience In The Trenches Brings Wisdom

We Know How Employers Think

Attorney Louise A. Herman worked as senior employment counsel for a Fortune 500 company in New York City before starting her own practice in Rhode Island. She understands employers' priorities in employment disputes, which makes her a shrewd and effective employee representative. When a conflict arises, we understand that employers will take all necessary measures to limit their liability. It takes someone who's represented the other side of these disputes to anticipate these tactics fully. Knowing in advance what the opposition is likely to try puts us in a position of power.

Attorney Louise A. Herman also represents employers in select employment law disputes. Contact the office at 401-400-3839 to discuss your situation and how our firm can help.

Pay Attention To What They Do, Not What They Say

Employers don't want bad PR. They also want to limit their liability for unacceptable behavior. This can create a rift between the statements they may make and the actions they take. Don't be taken in by false assurances. We know that what matters is the actions employers take, and how those actions affects our clients. When so much is at stake, you need a tough, no-nonsense lawyer who sees through the PR fog to protect your rights with firmness and resolve.

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