Our Intelligent, Compassionate Approach

At the Law Offices of Louise A. Herman in Rhode Island, we understand that employment injustices can present deeply personal and upsetting challenges. We are sensitive to what those embroiled in such stressful situations are going through. We also have the extraordinary experience and legal instincts to take on in-house legal counsel of the employers on the other side of the dispute. Attorney Louise A. Herman's past experience as employment counsel for a large New York company has given her valuable insight about the kinds of tactics employers use in situations involving allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and other workplace violations.

We practice absolute confidentiality for all our clients, whether they are engaged in a whistleblower action, or are representing a sexual harassment or discrimination claim. We know the process of protecting your rights isn't always straightforward, or something you want trumpeted from the rooftops. We're here to listen, to care, and provide intelligent and informed representation, fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients given the difficult situations they face.

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