Effective Counsel With An Empathetic Ear

You Deserve A Safe And Productive Workplace

If you're facing sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and overtime violations or other injustices in the workplace, you are showing up every day for a losing battle — until you do something about it. Our firm will work vigorously to protect your rights to be treated professionally, with respect for your rights and your dignity in the workplace. Whether you want to stay at your job or file a complaint after you've moved on, our firm can support and represent you with compassion backed by more than 20 years of employment law experience

Protection For Whistleblowers

Nobody wants to be a whistleblower. It's a highly stressful thing to decide to reveal the misdeeds of your employer. You may fear that you'll be discovered, or that you'll be retaliated against or fired for reporting what you know. These are legitimate concerns, and we are sensitive to the position that you are in once you decide to reveal the truth. At the Law Offices of Louise A. Herman, we are committed to strict confidentiality as we pursue your whistleblower case. We take on cases involving large health care providers, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and other types of cases where an employee has knowledge of employer fraud. We are here to support and represent your admirable instinct for justice every step of the way.

Medical Negligence Calls For A Strong Response

Suffering an injury at the hands of a medical professional is damaging and breaks trust. After the shock subsides, you may be left with towering medical bills incurred because of the carelessness of a medical provider. That's not fair and you shouldn't have to pay. Our firm can provide the strong representation you need to secure the compensation you need to move forward.